1.†††††††† Girls season will be in the spring.Boys season will be in the fall.


2.†††††††† In case of rainouts, home team shall notify visiting team by 1:30.Every attempt will be made to contact transportation departments.A school representative must stay at the court site until the visiting team has been contacted.


3.†††††††† Varsity matches shall consist of (2) doubles and (3) singles.Using a total of (7) different players.JV will have (2) doubles and (3) singles, using a total of (7) different players.However a pro set will be used.A pro set is to eight.


4.†††††††† It shall be assumed that all teams will have a JV team.Home school will call on the day of the match to determine the number of JV matches.Athletic Directors will be notified of the total number of team players at the September meeting for boys: March for girls.


5.†††††††† The number of entries to the sub-district tournament will be limited to two singles and two doubles per school.


6.†††††††† The home team shall provide the tennis balls for a league contest.The tennis balls must be new, yellow, extra duty or equivalent, Dunlop, Penn or Wilson.If new tennis balls are requested by players after a split of one set each, the new balls will be granted.


7.†††††††† It is understood that the singles players should play according to their team ranked ability for that day.The three singles play in order of ability and the two doubles will play in order of ability.


8.†††††††† Host school must notify visiting school on the location of the matches.


9.†††††††† In case of cancellations, the order of rescheduling shall be done in order of cancellations.League contests must take priority in make-ups.


10.†††††† Rain-outs will be made up the first available weather permitting day in the order of cancellation.Three matches won constitute a completed contest.In any other case, the contest must be made up.Unfinished matches pick up where they left off-same score and same player.(Varsity matches only.)


11.†††††† Play shall be continuous through the first set.A two-minute break between 1st and 2nd set is allowed.Communication with the coach is allowed; players must stay on the court.A ten-minute break is allowed before the third set.At that time, players may leave the court.See USTA rules for definitions.


12.†††††† Any player using unsportsmanlike conduct; (swearing or derogatory comments to opponents or throwing his/her racquet) shall receive a warning on the first offense.Should a second offense occur, the player shall lose a point off the next game.On the third offense, the player will lose the match.Coaches, by consensus, are empowered to enforce this procedure.Players/coaches have the option to stop play to resolve disputes or conflicts.


13.†††††† District tournament play:

  1. The bracket shall be single elimination.
  2. It shall be the responsibility of all coaches to monitor unsportsmanlike conduct of the players and fans.


14.†††††† Coaches have the option to agree before the match - play begins to use the no-add scoring system.Varsity scoring will be 2 out of 3 sets.JV scoring will be by consensus of coaches.




Revised 3/07